Internet Voting pilot test in July

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In a major step forward along the path towards the full modernization of Philippine elections, a non-binding remote electronic voting pilot test will be conducted from the 20th  of July to the 8th of August 2007 in Singapore – host to over 15,000 registered Filipino overseas absentee voters.

The pilot test aims to evaluate the advantages, usability, security, and reliability of internet voting, in order to assess its potential use in future elections, both overseas and domestic.

The pilot test will be jointly managed by the Commission on Elections, the Department of Foreign Affairs – through the Philippine Embassy in Singapore – and Scytl, the solution provider.

During the pilot test period, voters can cast their votes from their homes, offices, and cyber cafés, in addition to the voting stations that will be set up at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

Commissioner Florentino A. Tuason Jr., Chairman of the COMELEC Committee on Overseas Absentee Voting (COAV) enjoins all overseas Filipinos registered in Singapore, wherever they may be in the world, to participate in the exercise, anytime from 8:00 AM of July 20 to 3:00 PM of August 8, 2007.

“Filipinos in Singapore are presented with a rare opportunity to make history,” Commissioner Tuason said. “Although it is a non-binding exercise, the historic opportunity to be the first to tread along the path of modernized Philippine elections is a chance that should not be missed,” he added.


who is SCYTL?

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Scytl is a Spanish based software company that specializes in the development of secure electronic voting solutions. With more than 13 years of research experience, Scytl has positioned itself at the forefront of e-voting technology worldwide. Scytl has undertaken projects in various countries around the world,  including Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Finland, Mexico, Argentina, and Australia.

During the scheduled overseas absentee internet voting pilot test, the solution that will be employed is Scytl’s Pnyx-based e-voting platform. This platform allows voting from any internet connected computer running a browser that supports Java (virtually 100% of the browsers in the market). Pnyx also ensures that the votes are cryptographically protected (encrypted and digitally signed) thus leaving no room for manipulation and multiple or bogus votes.

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